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Do it yourself Bed Bug Monitor Trap

Pretty exciting stuff! You can make a bed bug monitor for $15. We know that bed bugs are all mixed up, right? Instead of trying to get away from people, like normal bugs, bed bugs want to find and eat them. Ok, I exaggerate, they don’t eat people, just their blood. Is there a difference? (see the video below of how to make the trap) This trap uses dry ice which when mixed with water releases plenty of C-O-2. Quimby Corporation sells dry ice in 1 lb pellets in several locations in the Portland and Beaverton area. They were very accommodating answering my questions about handling and using dry ice.

Make your own bed bug monitor

One of the ways bed bugs find you so they can bite and feed is the carbon dioxide or C-O-2, you emit from your breath. Bed bugs need to you be still or immobile while they feed because it can take them from three to fifteen minutes to get a full meal. Because you are immobile when you’re sleeping, that is the best time for them to bite you and feed.  There is often a question of why bed bugs bite in two’s and three’s, and one explanation is that they were disrupted during feeding and bite again.

This easy to make bed bug monitor/trap costs about $15 to make and sounds like an excellent way to determine if you in fact do have bed bugs, or post treatment if they are gone.  Check out this report on Rutgers University researcher, Dr. Changlu Wang, and the dry-ice/dog food dish trap he’s tested and determined to be very effective in capturing bed bugs.


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