The Comprehensive Bed Bug Guide for Homeowners, Renters and Property Managers

how to kill bed bugs
Killing Bed Bugs is 90% Information and 10% Poison

Get the bed bug guide that gives you the tools you need to win the war on bed bugs

ebook cover taking charge of your bed bug infestationNo one asks for bed bugs. The guide will help you understand the steps you need to take to get rid of bed bugs in your home or rental property. When you understand how bed bugs reproduce, and which treatments are effective, you can start to eradicate them.

First you will learn how to get your bed free and clear so you can sleep every night without fear of them biting you. You will be trapping them before they can reach you, because one thing we know for sure about bed bugs, they will ALWAYS come back for more. Follow the steps and be bed bug free.

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner, renter or landlord, you will get all the factual, proven information you need to clear your home, apartment or rentals of bed bugs.

  • Tips and information that only someone who has been there can know.
  • What to do if other people don’t get bites or don’t believe you?
  • Should you tell people at work or keep it a secret?
  • The exact tools you’ll need if you plan to try D.I.Y. treatment.
  • How to interview a pest company.
  • Over 30 questions to ask pest control to test for competency, integrity, and experience.
bed bug warning label on pesticide

What NOT to do if you have bed bugs

I know it’s the internet and people “should” fact check everything, and they don’t and that’s ok because it’s a big place, the internet. And when you have bed bugs you may be temporarily not thinking very clearly because you are exhausted and freaked out. So it might be easy for a desperate, sleep-deprived person to make choices that make the entire bed bug infestation

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Do bed bugs prefer one person over another in the same bed?

While not scientific, it seems (from many blog posts and comments) that women “seem” to get more bites than men – sometimes ALL THE BITES. This is unscientific but taken from numerous forums where this is shared by people dealing with infestations. While it may appear that bed bugs prefer one person over another, scientists think this may be due to naturally occurring chemicals called

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Some tools and supplies are so helpful they can give you the advantage you need to end your bed bug nightmare sooner, rather than later.

Easily Kill Bed Bugs with Heat

The bed bug heater is a proven way to kill bed bugs AND EGGS in just a few hours without pesticides.Safely kill bed bugs in car seats, toys, games, plush toys, pillows, books, album covers, coats, shoes, backpacks and purses. (*heat can dry paper and loosen glue and adhesives, melt make-up and candles.)

Please note: I only recommend products I’ve used, or products similar to those I’ve used, or that I have researched and would use if I had to.

You don’t have to throw out your possessions when you can treat many of them safely and quickly in the Bed Bug Heater without pesticides. 

Should You Isolate Your Bed?

Isolating your bed has drawbacks and benefits. I’ve covered the pros and cons, and best practices on how to do it. Whether your bed can be isolated depends on the frame and the type of bed you have. read more to learn how you can finally get a good night’s sleep. Learn more about isolating your bed here.

4 thoughts on “The Comprehensive Bed Bug Guide for Homeowners, Renters and Property Managers”

  1. bed bugs are disgusting! i have been fighting them like crazy and my mother said i should get a bed bug heater from thermalstrike have you looked into them? is it a good idea?

    1. I have used the Packtite and have not used the exact product you are inquiring about. However any similar product like the Thermalstrike, as long as it gets hot enough for long enough, kills bed bugs and doesn’t catch your house on fire, is alright with me!

  2. Jennifer Kaufman

    I’m actually surprised that, being so easy to spread, that there isn’t a BIGGER problem with bed bugs…and lice at that!!!!

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