Bed Bug News

  • Natural Bed Bug Traps from BEAN LEAVES?!
    At the University of California, Irvine, biologist and engineer Catherine Loudon is working to create synthetic surfaces that could trap bed bugs. She was inspired by the tiny hooked hairs that grow from the leaves of some varieties of beans, such as kidney and green beans. In nature, these hairs, called trichomes, pierce through the […]
  • What NOT to do if you have bed bugs
    When you are sleep-deprived, stressed out, and trying to make decisions about how you are going to get rid of those #!&*! bed bugs, it’s easy to make bad choices that can extend the infestation, or make us sick. The video below really shows us what NOT to do if you have bed bugs.  This […]
  • Questions to ask a pest control company before you sign the contract
    Selecting the right pest company to treat your bed bug infestation is the most important decision you’ll make. Use this list of questions.
  • Do bed bugs prefer one person over another in the same bed?
    Do bed bugs bite more women or men? While not scientific, it seems (from many blog posts and comments) that women “seem” to get more bites than men – sometimes ALL THE BITES. This is unscientific but taken from numerous forums where this is shared by people dealing with infestations. While it may appear that […]
  • How Fast do Bedbugs Reproduce
    One of the important factors in fighting your infestation is understanding how fast bedbugs reproduce. This infographic illustrates how quickly an infestation can grow over a period of only four weeks. 
  • ClimbUp Bed Bug Traps Now in Large and XL Size
    Bed bug traps are your ticket to sleeping again! ClimbUp® bed bug traps are one of the most important tools you’ll use during and possibly after your infestation. And they are the only university research-tested trap that has been shown to be very effective in trapping bed bugs. Not only do ClimbUp® bed bug traps help prevent bed […]
  • FTC files deceptive advertising charges against companies exaggerated claims their cedar spray prevents bed bug infestations.
    FTC files deceptive advertising charges against companies that allegedly failed to back up claims that their product could prevent and eliminate bed bug infestations using cedar oil sprays and other products. 
  • Louis Sorkin Talks Bed Bugs (and feeds them)
    Trigger Alert! This is a short video with bed bug expert Louis Sorkin and his bed bugs. He shows us what bed bugs look like as he feeds them. You’ll get an excellent view and size comparison of an adult and a newly hatched nymph. Louis Sorkin is a Consultant and Forensic Entomologist. He does […]
  • Bed Bug Video from Rutgers University
    Rutgers University has produced an excellent bed bug video This is a very good video introduction to bed bugs 101, their biology and examples of integrated pest management. Understanding both of these topics is key to ending your bed bug infestation sooner, rather than later.  Understanding bed bug biology is key because their reproductive cycle is […]
  • Resarchers Find Bed Bugs Attracted to Some Colors
    Bed bugs are attracted to different colors at different stages, researchers determine. So many articles this week about researchers determining that bed bugs are attracted to some colors more than others. No surprise there for me at least. It makes sense, having lived with bed bugs (5 years ago for 8 months) that they would […]
  • Bed Bugs Make a Cameo on Orange is the New Black
    Bed bugs once again had their fifteen minutes of fame on tv this month on the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. While not exactly making bed bugs funny, there were many accuracies and well-made points during this episode, when the prison unit becomes infested with bed bugs. Below some choice examples and a […]
  • Scientists Develop Pheromone-Laced Bed Bug Trap
    Researchers discover a molecule, a histamine so appealing to bed bugs, that in laboratory tests using human subjects, even hungry bed bugs did not seek out food once in contact with the histamine. Can they invent a substance that will make bed bugs choose to stay hiding, and not to feed? The Simon Fraser University […]