Trigger Alert! This is a short video with bed bug expert Louis Sorkin and his bed bugs. He shows us what bed bugs look like as he feeds them. You’ll get an excellent view and size comparison of an adult and a newly hatched nymph. Louis Sorkin is a Consultant and Forensic Entomologist. He does not limit his research and expertise only to bed bugs, but they have had a lot to do with him being a celebrity among those suffering from bed bugs.

In fact, he offers his fact and science-based advice compassionately and often freely among social media groups where people come for help and hope as they battle bed bugs.

“As a scientific assistant who worked at the American Museum of Natural History for over 30 years, Louis Sorkin, maintained a small colony of a few thousand bed bugs in four jars in his lab and has become a media expert on this group of animals. Watch as Sorkin feeds the museum’s collection of live bed bugs using his hands, and hear him discuss the breeding habits and misconceptions associated with the hot topic creatures.”

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