How to Identify Bed Bugs

Identifying bed bugs quickly is the first step toward ending your infestation.

bed bug trapsThe sooner you identify bed bugs are in your home, the faster you can eliminate them. Because of their hyper-reproductive cycle, if you do have bed bugs, consider it a race to eliminate them before a few bugs become thousands. If you are already at a full-blown infestation already you need to act fast! Infestations grow fast because it takes so long to know you have bed bugs. Many people never see an insect or only see one after the infestation has grown very large.


bed bug or cockroach

Your county pest or vector control may have an entomologist on hand to identity your insect (if you’ve captured or killed one) and determine if you have bed bugs or not. In Multnomah County call the Bed Bug Hotline at 503-988-BUGS (2847) if you think you may have an infestation. They can identify your insect for you.

You will find with a lighted magnifier, there are many crawly things that don’t bite you in your home you never knew were there. This can be a comfort, or not, however knowing whether some little tiny creature is not a bed bug may help relieve some anxiety if you are experiencing some. Bed bug identification should be primary on your mind if you are getting unexplained bites on more than one occasion and mostly when you are asleep.



This is an excellent video showing you how to inspect for bed bugs.



Set traps under your bed legs because you know they will come.

You can count on bed bugs for one thing, they want to eat and will go to the food source (you) until they are either dead, or trapped. 

With ClimbUp traps, bed bugs trying to get on the bed will be trapped in the smooth plastic traps, unable to climb out. You can check daily for bugs, and this can answer the question “Do I have bed bugs?” very fast, within days. 

If you have them, they are coming for you! They will not stop trying to feed. Use this information to your advantage. 

ClimbUp traps have been university research tested and used successfully for over a decade. They are a critical part of not only identifying if you have bed bugs, but confirming you no longer do after treatment.

bed bug traps
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