ClimbUp Bed Bug Traps Now in Large and XL Size

ClimbUp® bed bug traps are one of the most important tools you’ll use during and possibly after your infestation.

Not only do ClimbUp® bed bug traps help prevent bed bugs from climbing onto your couch or bed, they can stop an infestation before it gets started by capturing any bed bug trying to get to you. They are a very effective preventative strategy provided you don’t introduce them directly into your bed by leaving bags, library books, purses or backpacks on your bed.

ClimbUp® insect interceptors are not intended to be a control measure for bed bugs. While they may assist in the control of a bed bug infestation, their intended use is as a monitor for bed bugs. This device can be used pro-actively, as an early detection device, in dwellings that are not already infested and can be used to assess if control methods have been effective by intercepting bed bugs as they travel to beds, couches, or other furniture in search of a blood meal. In addition to using the ClimbUp® insect interceptors, it is important to contact a pest management professional to deliver a comprehensive bed bug management program.

When I had my infestation 10 years ago, ClimbUps only came in one size that did not fit my metal futon frame bed. I had switched to a metal futon frame when I had my platform bed taken away dismantled and wrapped in plastic sheeting, to avoid spreading any stragglers throughout the building.

I tried a series of glass, ceramic and plastic containers, all of which cracked under the weight of the bed. I’m just under 130 lbs pretty much all the time, so I had to find something that wouldn’t crack. At that time I found stainless steel dog food bowls and filled them with pine cleaner. 

I wish the larger size ClimbUps had been available because I could not see if I was catching anything. They did do their job of keeping my bed, free of bed bugs and completely isolated from the walls and floor. But it was frustrating to not be able to see if the traps were catching bugs. 

The ClimbUps capture bugs trying to get to you in the outer circle of the trap. Any bed bugs leaving your bed would get trapped in the inner traps. If you get the white traps you would sprinkle a light dusting of talcum powder into the traps making it even more difficult for bugs to climb the smooth plastic walls of the traps. 

Bed bugs have smooth legs without hairs so they are unable to climb up perfectly smooth surfaces, which is why plastic or metal bed legs are best for dealing with or avoiding bed bug infestations.

If you have isolated your bed without the traps you could still have bed bugs climbing up onto your bed to feed on you. With the ClimbUps, you will trap any bugs trying to get to you even if you have wood bed legs. 

I feel strongly most bed bug infestations could be stopped by isolating your bed, using the bed bug traps, and not putting things on the bed besides you.

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