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What NOT to do if you have bed bugs

When you are sleep deprived, stressed out and trying to make decisions about how you are going to get rid of those #!&*! bed bugs, it’s easy to make bad choices that can extend the infestation, or make us sick. The video below really shows us what NOT to do if you have bed bugs. 

It goes over every one of the mistakes, misconceptions and misguided actions someone with bed bugs might make. Have made, actually. I read it all the time, in fact I watched a youtube video of a very genuine fellow giving advice. He was doing great until he advised to take your mattress outside and spray it with insecticide. That’s when I had to stop watching and wished that no one would ever do as he suggests.

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I’m quite confident whatever product it was, the label would have clearly stated not to do that.

Here is part of the lengthy warning of a product labeled and commonly used to kill bed bugs. Read just this small section and ask yourself if anyone should spray this on their mattress, and then sleep on it, again, ever? NO!! 

bed bug warning label on pesticide

I know it’s the internet and people “should” fact check everything, and they don’t and that’s ok because it’s a big place, the internet. And when you have bed bugs you may be temporarily not thinking very clearly because you are exhausted and freaked out. So it might be easy for a desperate, sleep-deprived person to make choices that make the entire bed bug infestation that much worse, by poisoning yourself, or your family and wasting precious time and money on solutions that don’t really work.

insecticide product label

If you are going to treat your room or home yourself using D.I.Y. products, buy from a source that deals exclusively with bed bugs. They can advise and recommend products that work and act as part of your Team Kill Bed Bugs. I like Bed Bug Supply because all they do is bed bugs and they provide extensive support and training no matter what size infestation you are dealing with. I WISH there had been help consolidated in one place when my infestation was happening.

Research conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that consumers suffering from bed bug infesations who choose to self-treat with pesticides often end up with severe illness and possibly permanent negative health consequences.

“The most frequently reported health outcomes were neurologic symptoms (40%), including headache and dizziness; respiratory symptoms (40%), including upper respiratory tract pain and irritation and dyspnea; and gastrointestinal symptoms (33%), including nausea and vomiting.”
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)

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