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Bed Bugs Northwest

Coping with bed bugs during Christmas and New Year

Having bed bugs is awful. Having bed bugs during Christmas or any very social holiday is worse.

Suddenly you are faced with a host of issues and ethics you could avoid when it was just bed bugs and you. Now other people could be affected. What do you do?

Let’s backtrack a little and acknowledge the ugly underbelly of the holidays in general.

1.    People have very specific expectations about other people during the holidays. Maybe your family expects you to host Christmas or another holiday, even a birthday party.
2.    People go temporarily crazy during the holidays and don’t want to let people down.
3.    People can be judgy or dramatic, really dramatic, even to the point of making any problem about them.

I am not saying there is anyone in your family or universe like that, but there ARE people like that and holidays, weddings and funerals tend to exaggerate whatever personality quirks, insecurities or narcissistic tendencies people have.

So your first dilemma is do you tell? Do you share with your family (unless you have already done so) that you have bed bugs and are/aren’t comfortable with having people stay or visit the house.

You might be comfortable and confident you have the problem isolated and if that is the case, carry on!

However if you are not emotionally and physically up for having company while you are dealing with either preparation or treatment, what are your options during the holidays.

1.    Make reservations and meet at a restaurant.
2.    Have another family member host the holiday.
3.    Skip the holiday altogether. Explain your issue and that you are exhausted and are worried about your health and the holiday is just too much this year.

Remember: You are not responsible for how other people react to what you say. You are responsible for your actions and words, but not how others react and act.

If someone gets upset because you cannot participate this year it is because their expectations are not coming true. Ideally, your family would be sympathetic; however we must remember that having bed bugs is sort of like having an illness.

No one can really know what it’s like to have bed bugs unless they have.

Remember also, that having bed bugs is temporary and in the future you will not have them anymore. If you follow all the precautions, treatment and preparation you will eventually be bed bug free.

Is it inconvenient – yes. But it’s not the end of the world, just the beginning of the end of bed bugs in your life.

Happy New Year

Let 2016 be the end of bed bugs

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