This week has been something. Doing a big make-over on the website, and dealing with two friends who have bed bugs in their home or building. That’s the rub on multi-family housing. It’s always possible you’ll get the most brilliant treatment in the world, but no one around you will.

I’m just saying it’s possible. People react so differently to having bed bugs. Some people just deal with treatment and don’t go completely bat-sh*t crazy. But A LOT of people, due to a combination of sleep deprivation, stress, itching, being grossed out, etc., do get a little nutty during their infestations, and sometimes for a while after.

And that’s the reality; that you can have bed bugs and they might never be gone if other residents have them and you don’t all get treated together. Your problem might actually be a recurring one, with the only solution being to move. But is that a real solution?

With bed bug infestations continuing to increase and spread, for the next several years, may mean, there is no where to move to. No one, not in any income bracket, in any zip code, can know they will never encounter or be the victim of a bed bug infestation.

In New York, the odds are frighteningly high a renter might move into a building where oneĀ  or more tenants may have bed bugs. Not everyone tells, in fact many people try to keep it a secret. Imagine the horror of discovering bed bugs in your newly rented apartment. Unfortunately, this is happening. You can read the stories.

I am glad to hear that both of the housing agencies involved have been responsive and applying good bed bug practices in helping these people to get relief.

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