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  1. I am dealing with bedbugs in my car right now. I really appreciated your article. If I live in a place where it gets to 110 degrees regularly do you think I need to rent time at a paint booth or should nuval strips do the trick alone? (Also where do find a paint booth and are they expensive?) Thanks!

    • First, thanks for asking and sorry you are dealing with “them.” If I were dealing with them in my car and lived with that kind of heat, I would try the NUVAN strip. I’d probably leave it in the car for 2 weeks to catch egg hatching cycles, although NUVAN is supposed to also kill eggs. Always follow all directions and precautions. I would hope that kind of heat in a closed car plus the NUVAN would do the trick. I would call the company (they answer!) and ask about the temperature. It could get to 150 inside your car so you want to ask about that if it would cause damage or any problems. Good luck and keep us posted! T. Byte

      • Hi. Where do you find the paint ovens?

        • You can ask around at body shops and car paint shops. The paint oven is not a given because you have to find a willing shop and the rates per hour are unpredictable. But, they do get plenty hot to do the job and you could have them out of your car in a day, maybe a long day. Whether you will find a shop that will let you in and can you afford it are the two questions. If you choose the Nuvan strip you will pay around $30 for the strip and be without your vehicle for 2-3 weeks (to cover newly hatching nymps) I would always choose three weeks since death is not instant with the Nuvan strip and takes a few days to kill bed bugs. Most people can get around with rideshare or public transportation or rental cars if they go the Nuvan route, which is what I would choose, again, if I ever had to. Thanks and I hope you get some relief from the little $#!&*!.

          • Thanks soo much for your quick response. I appreciate the info you provide here. I have already purchased the strips I’m just hesitate to use them because it’s really cold right now and I think they work best when temps are warmer. Also I’m not even sure they are in the car. I’m just taking precaution because I’m fighting them in the house right now. My old car was in its last leg and I was forced to get a new one in the middle of this battle now I’m super paranoid.

            • The strips work the same in cold or warm weather. I changed cars during my infestation too so I really understand that paranoia. I hope your infestation ends soon! Tbyte


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