It’s been about two months since my last treatment, and you know what? Things are much better. Of course after the last treatment I continued to get bites, so the kitchen chairs…gone, replaced with molded plastic Ikea chairs, no pads, white. Kitchen table, sofa, dresser, computer and subwoofer – vikaned (fumigation). Steamed the floors, baseboards (since pestacides would have worn off) and kept bedding washed.

Got one bite in bed. How did I bring that in with me, but bagged bedding in morning (after mini-freakout) and washed and dryed that night. No more bites in bed, musta got it in the blankies.

So I found a PCO that said he would useĀ  ALL MY FAVORITE POISONS! So they come tomorrow to spray. I’ve spent my mother’s day prepping, consolidating giant ziplocks, packtiting everything else…again, throwing out any clothes, tablecloths, etc., I don’t think I’ll use within an 8 month period.

Ya know, I never miss the stuff I throw out. My life is so much simpler without all that stuff, although it would be even simpler if it weren’t all in giant ziplock bags.

So drop a note, share your experience, and wish me luck, cause this HAS to be the last treatment. Only three bites in the last three weeks that i picked up from just rumaging around, and the one in bed, so you know….I’m hoping.


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