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Make Your Own Bed Bug Trap (the video)

This is an excellent video showing exactly how to make a bed bug trap for your bed (or four bed bug traps, one for each bed leg) This is a quick video and you probably have most of the supplies needed. I have a couple of comments about the supplies they use since I made my own traps for my bed as well, back in those miserable bed bug days. Here are my comments, then watch the video.


You win when bed bugs die trying!

1. Your bed must have legs that can fit in a container. If your mattress is on the floor the traps can’t work, also you’re not helping if your mattress is on the floor, buy a cheap bed frame from anywhere. IMPORTANT! If you don’t isolate your bed or if blankets are touching the floor or the bed is touching the wall your monitors will be ineffective.

2. I found that ceramic and plastic broke from the weight of the bed. It’s a lot of weight from the mattress, you and gravity. I was using a metal futon frame with one mattress (no boxspring) and me (under 130 lbs) and the ceramic and plastic containers would break within a week. The bottoms would split or crack. I ended up using four metal dog food bowls (cheap from any supermarket) and they lasted 18 months until I removed them. You could place a smaller bowl inside a larger bowl to make the exact trap or put a plastic bowl inside the larger metal bowl. The plastic bowl will still probably crack but your bed bugs “probably” won’t be able to climb out.

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3. Baby powder or talc is supposed to prevent bed bugs from being able to get any traction out of the cups/bowls so they can’t climb out. I put a little oil in the bottom of mine to ensure they couldn’t but it did make it nearly impossible to see if any bed bugs were in the goop. Keep in mind you will catch other insects as well and a fair amount of dust, lint, crumbs or whatever else is floating or falling into the traps.

You can add duct table or double sided carpet tape to the outside of the bowls to help them climb in trying to get to you, which they are 100% guaranteed to do. Not like a money back guarantee, more like if you are a bed bug you are going to find the food and go to it until you either get to it or die trying.


Here’s your video showing how to make a home-made bed bug trap or buy Climb-Up Monitors here ready to go and laboratory tested!

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