April the Bed Bug Sniffing Dog, Sprague Pest Control.

Hopefully the saga ends here. On Friday a bug sniffing dog and her handler came out to give a check on the bed bug situation. It’s been five weeks with no bites or trace of them. My house came out all clear. So that makes Dave “The Bug Man”, and April, who say, it’s good, they’re gone.

That makes two species, and I’m going with it. I’m going to ease into normal, and continue to bag my laundry and clothes for a few more weeks. Not because I have doubts, I just need time to work back into normal living in a way that doesn’t increase my anxiety. Putting up window blinds today after no window coverings for four months. This is a big step. I continue to Packtite things in bags before removing items, and this gives peace of mind also.

Next steps are to try to work with Trimet and Public Health to raise awareness of Bed Bugs, their spread and precautions. This will be a challenge, although Public Health has been very interested and supportive. Trimet seems not too interested at this time in discussing the topic. However public transit is the perfect mode of hitch-hiking for these pests, so it would seem, a protocol for protecting passengers would be in order. Tarrabyte

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