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Subsidized Housing Bed Bug Poster

I was SO HAPPY to see this bed bug poster displayed in the lobby of a large subsidized housing building. The same building previously was a disaster of untreated or ineffective treatment for everything but bed bugs. Needless to say six years ago the low-income building, older brick, three stories, was bed bug heaven. Tenants complaints and requests for help to get rid of bed bugs went unanswered or the pest company (run by someone’s brother) would come in and spray something (?) not labeled for bed bugs.

Then four years ago, the organization that manages this building and a number of other large subsidized buildings joined our task force, sent their managers to Kentucky for bed bug training. They then emptied the building and treated it floor by floor from the top down with proper bed bug control protocols and pesticides. They made the in house laundry free, gave tenants free trash bags and pest strips and did their best to educate a difficult population about what to do if they see bed bugs in their little apartments.

bed bug flyer

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