Sponsored by Multnomah Public Health, the Bed Bug Advisory Task Force met on Tuesday, January 26th for the third time to decide how to move forward. With representatives from the Portland City Council, Nick Fish’s office, and Commissioner Kafoury’s office, the ad-hoc group feels they can move toward a more formal structure and created committees that are focusing on housing, policy and education.

Many representatives from various transitional and subsidized housing groups were present looking for solutions to their client’s and case-worker’s issues about bed bugs. As usual, funding and resources are in short supply., but this is a great start toward addressing issues, and developing a city-wide “best practice” for responding and treating bed bug infestations.

Education about bed bugs is a critical piece in quick identification and treatment options for bed bugs. The group of which I took part, will work on strategies to create public awareness, and educating associations and groups that are most likely to encounter bed bugs including property managers, educators, preschools and daycare,  and public transportation agencies.

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