This is a link to Renee Corea’s amazing and inspiration site NY vs Bed Bugs (oh, truer words were never spoken, if you pay attention to NY and Bed Bugs, I suppose).

Richard Naylor of Sheffield University and associates have now conducted “actual tests” and research on laundry time and heat with actual live bed bugs and eggs.

This is so important as there is a host of opinions out there on the interwebs about laundry and bed bugs. Hard field research (even if the field is the laundromat) is vital to knowing how to effectively kill bed bugs.

The writer (that’s me) has only one strong opinion that is in conflict with common advice and that is to never put dry garments in the dryer to kill bed bugs. I suggest only putting freshly washed clothes or wet clothing and blankets in the dryer.

Why be so fussy you ask? In the height of my, should I include my neighbor and say “our” infestation(s) I observed a live, yes, live adult crawl out the front of the lint filter in one of our four community dryers in the basement.

Imagine my surprise! I had to surmise that this bed bug got knocked off of dry bedding or garments going into the dryer without a washing.

All the numbers, temps and everything else you wanted to know about bed bugs and laundry all can be found here.


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