I can only speak about the Pest Control Companies I used, so here goes.

Halt – I would not call them back EVER. That’s all I’m going to say.

Terminex – My property management company had a contract with Terminex and I had my doubts. But they definitely helped. The freezing Cryonite treatment only kills what it touches, just like steam, but it was helpful and they used a variety of poisons. They took apart my Murphy Bed (External, mounted to the wall like a bookcase) and treated the platform underneath finding several live adults. This bed was soon dismantled, wrapped in plastic and taken away, as I realized it was just untreatable, contrary to the first pest company’s assurance that they could treat  that bed. No way. They used a variety of poison both long term and short, including controversial growth inhibitors.

Paramount Pest Control – I used them to Vikane some furniture including an overstuffed sofa, dresser, computer, and some other stuff. They did inspect my home, but they wanted to remove my bed bug proof mattress cover during the inspection.

And lastly, Dave “The Bug Man.” Dave was VERY thorough and seemed to understand the level of detail required to solve the problem once and for all. If I had this problem again, he’s the guy I would call. He inspected everything and treated my house in detail with a variety of poison. My house was turned upside down after he left, and I was glad for it.

Sprague Pest Control – No treatment from Sprague but they do have April “The Dog.” And a sweety she is. She found no traces in our building or my house. Thank you Sprague! AN UPDATE: October 27th 2009, Had a follow up inspection with April today and my house was clear. My vehicle, however was not. It was fascinating to watch April sit and “alert” then scratch in the direction she sensed bugs. My car will undergo thermal treatment by Sprague in two days. Imagine, being able to eliminate bed bugs in one day! We can evolve faster than bed bugs.

Please do comment on any pest companies you have used and the results.

I’ll talk in detail about the steps I took, where I am right now….anxious, hopeful, fearful, alive!

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