Who Ya Gonna Call? Pest Companies in Portland, Oregon

I can only speak about the Pest Control Companies I used, so here goes.

Halt – I would not call them back EVER. That’s all I’m going to say.

Terminex – My property management company had a contract with Terminex and I had my doubts. But they definitely helped. The freezing Cryonite treatment only kills what it touches, just like steam, but it was helpful and they used a variety of poisons. They took apart my Murphy Bed (External, mounted to the wall like a bookcase) and treated the platform underneath finding several live adults. This bed was soon dismantled, wrapped in plastic and taken away, as I realized it was just untreatable, contrary to the first pest company’s assurance that they could treat  that bed. No way. They used a variety of poison both long term and short, including controversial growth inhibitors.

Paramount Pest Control – I used them to Vikane some furniture including an overstuffed sofa, dresser, computer, and some other stuff. They did inspect my home, but they wanted to remove my bed bug proof mattress cover during the inspection.

And lastly, Dave “The Bug Man.” Dave was VERY thorough and seemed to understand the level of detail required to solve the problem once and for all. If I had this problem again, he’s the guy I would call. He inspected everything and treated my house in detail with a variety of poison. My house was turned upside down after he left, and I was glad for it.

Sprague Pest Control – No treatment from Sprague but they do have April “The Dog.” And a sweety she is. She found no traces in our building or my house. Thank you Sprague! AN UPDATE: October 27th 2009, Had a follow up inspection with April today and my house was clear. My vehicle, however was not. It was fascinating to watch April sit and “alert” then scratch in the direction she sensed bugs. My car will undergo thermal treatment by Sprague in two days. Imagine, being able to eliminate bed bugs in one day! We can evolve faster than bed bugs.

Please do comment on any pest companies you have used and the results.

I’ll talk in detail about the steps I took, where I am right now….anxious, hopeful, fearful, alive!

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  1. If you are in Chicago, contact your local Public Health Department and explain the situation. It sounds like the problem in your building may be beyond treating one unit and moving people into apartments with known infestations is questionable. I’m not personally aware of any products by Raid that are specifically labeled for bed bugs. Good luck to you. Tbyte

  2. I am the unofficila pest control person in our low rent building where the landlord has to movepeople into apartments after they leave after finding bed bugs. I initially treated my partment with a simple Raid Bed Bug Formula, taping as many cracks as I could after pouring pyrithrin cockroach product. All was fine for three months. Then they came back but not in large number so I treated it again with Suspend and Phantom and caulking. It was OK for a few weeks. Then last night I was bit 21 times. Also I spoke with a woman in Manhattan who kills eggs by scrubbing them with alcohol 80%.

  3. David,
    I too am dealing with BB’s in a 50 unit apartment building. They are treating on a unit basis. I will undergo phase two treatment next week.
    In my research I acame across a relatively new BB Treatment product called “Phantom”. I heared about it from a BB researcher in the entyomology department at the University of Virginia. He said: “it crinckles their eggs like french fries” and kills the BB’s almost immediately. After reading up on it, it perports to having a long term “residual” affect as well. It is not however a “green” product. According to this researcher, the green products and the typical pyrithrin based approaches lack long term efficacy. The difficulty with BB treatment is the destruction of the eggs. Once these hatch, as you obviously are experiencing— the problem recycles. It seems the little buggers have built immunity to our typical non-DDT treatments.
    Having kids, I would not want to expose their fragile nervous systems to such a potent and destructive neurotoxin.
    You can check out this “Phantom” product @Do My Own Pest Control. I’m going use it as back up along with a couple other products for maintainance after phase three treatments are completed here.

    I also found a cedar based product which is non-toxic to humans and animals @ cedarcidestore.com. This product has a wide range of uses and they have a Bed Bug treatment page and application video.

    Good luck to you and your family. BB’s are a real headache and stress producing as well as very expensive to treat. It is something I will have to stay on top of from now on.
    Wishing you well.


    1. It is my understanding from talking with knowledgeable pest control people that Phantom does not kill eggs. At this time Bedlam is the only spray that kills bed bug eggs, but does not have a 100% success rate.

      That is the reason Phantom is a residual pesticide. Bed Bugs that have hatched will hopefully walk through it and then die.

      Heat kills eggs, which is why vapor steamers are recommended as a part of treatment.

  4. Hey found your blog doing a search, good reading!

    I can empathize with the bug issue. We are going through it, but we have 2 kids under 3. It’s impossible to keep them quarantined so well. We moved and thought we had them done for – everything bagged. *Everything* (That wasn’t thrown out anyways and that was A LOT of stuff). And I used the vapor cleaner to vapor away.

    Now my 10 month old has a few bites. Ugh! Not again!

    I heard of a guy who runs an 8 story hotel and they use DDT from Mexico in it once a year, only on the inside so it won’t harm wildlife. That the PCOs were useless, they just called them in to cover the tracks. Heard other hotels that don’t do this can’t stop the revolving door without persistent pesticides so just blanket deny it from guests who are bitten. That is how we got ours, at the Hilton!

    Well, we can’t do that here. We need a PCO who will spend (whats left of) our money wisely, and maybe a dog first to find out exactly where they are, and a dog after.

    Did you think the Vikane of your stuff was not too toxic for kids?

    Could you give me a link/info for this Dave The Bug Man? =) I can’t find him searching in the Portland area.

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