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Having bed bugs during Christmas and New Years, is hard. Here is how to cope.

Coping with bed bugs during Christmas and New Year

[updated for 2019] Having bed bugs during the holiday season is hard. Harder than just having bed bugs.  Everything becomes more complicated and expensive! You have to get some kind of treatment, whether it’s professional or D.I.Y, and you still feel the pressure to buy gifts and food. Maybe there is an expectation you will […]

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How to Contact Your County Health Department

Most county health departments have a Vector Control section that may be able to identify your insect for free, if you have found an insect you think is a bed bug or any other insect, actually. Some County Health Departments, like Multnomah have an entomologist who can identify your bugs for free! Imagine how excited […]

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Scientists Develop Pheromone-Laced Bed Bug Trap

Researchers discover a molecule, a histamine so appealing to bed bugs, that in laboratory tests using human subjects, even hungry bed bugs did not seek out food once in contact with the histamine. Can they invent a substance that will make bed bugs choose to stay hiding, and not to feed? The Simon Fraser University […]

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