I couldn’t help but notice on the bed bug registry for Portland, Oregon the concentration of reports in the Northwest and Southwest downtown Portland area. Click on this link to see some infested addresses that have been posted on the Bed Bug Registry.

With so many infested buildings (and please keep in mind the majority of bed bug sufferers have not listed their address on the registry) we have to ask how come bed bugs are so concentrated in that area.

It makes complete sense if we think about bed bug behavior when it comes to hitch-hiking on people.  How are they being spread downtown? Is it by bus, coffee shops, taxis? Did you move into an already infested apartment or condo? How long did you live in your unit before your infestation? Are other units in  your building infested, did they spread to your unit?

This is information you can share that will help in the next Bed Bug forum coming up at the end of the month. You can post your story on this blog or go to the website at www.bedbugsnorthwest.com and either use the contact us, or complete the survey.

You can remain anonymous or if you want to share your email address with the moderator, it will remain private and you may receive periodic notices about bed bug policy and treatment updates.


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