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DIY Bed Bug Treatment? Sometimes it works.

Recently, while interviewing a bed bug sniffing dog handler, the topic of DIY treatment came up. Here is a story I’ll share from that discussion. As you know, the owner of this website does not recommend DIY treatment for bed bugs over treatment by a licensed pest management company, BUT, this is an intriguing success […]

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We’ve started a new bed bug forum for you.

The old forum came down in the spring and we’ve now moved to Google Groups. We think spam messages will be greatly reduced and moderation will be be much easier. Just register for the group, pick a nick-name and post your bed bug story. It’s that simple and dare I say it, cathartic. Who better […]

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Summer of Bugs

Two weeks ago, I got a call from a good friend who while on vacation in Arizona, called to tell me he had discovered bed bugs in his hotel room. He wanted to know how he could get back in his car without bringing any bed bugs from the hotel into the car. (I’ll post […]

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Bed Bugs on WebMD

Good article with some bite treatment remedies. They can itch, and last for weeks, coming and going. Bed bug bites can make you crazy because you may think the bite is gone, and then it will resurface, often after a hot shower or bath. This makes it difficult to track new bites. Some people use antihistimines […]

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Bed bugs in downtown Portland?

I couldn’t help but notice on the bed bug registry for Portland, Oregon the concentration of reports in the Northwest and Southwest downtown Portland area. Click on this link to see some infested addresses that have been posted on the Bed Bug Registry. With so many infested buildings (and please keep in mind the majority […]

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