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Portable Lighted Magnifier

One of the most common questions asked by Junior Bed Bug Scouts is “Can I see bed bugs with my eyes?” or “Are bed bugs big enough to see without a microscope?” The answer is yes, you can see bed bugs without a magnifier, however nymphs or first stage baby bed bugs are extremely small (see the photos section) but you can easily see any bed bug that has fed because it will be either bright red with your fresh blood or brownish red as it digests your blood.

You may find comfort in the magnifier because when you are sleep deprived and freaking out because you have bed bugs you may not be certain if you have found a bed bug. That’s where the lighted magnifier becomes very useful and for general bed bug inspections. After your treatment is complete you will probably be somewhat on guard for a month or two. The magnifier can confirm whether you have found a bed bug straggler or a tick or baby cockroach.

Indispensable! Peace of Mind!
This lighted magnifier makes it possible for you to see if that speck on the floor or sheet is a bed bug or not. Very handy and can bring peace of mind during and at the end of your infestation.

Having a lighted magnifier can help assure you that there are no more bed bugs your home, or if you still have issues to deal with.

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