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There are bed bug supplies that can help you get rid of your infestation faster.

Waiting to use the right bed bug supplies and tools can mean your infestation is growing which will make it take longer and will be more difficult to eradicate. Bed bugs can only be eliminated using a combination of tools and tasks, like laundering everything and cleaning up so infested areas can be treated. Unfortunately without those supplies everything is more difficult in an already hard situation. If there is anything you can do to help end your infestation sooner you should try to do that because anything less just prolongs the misery you are already experiencing.

Diatomaceous Earth

   A successful New York bed bug exterminator shared with me these useful tips for applying diatomaceous earth.* Delta Dust is intended for application with a hand duster (Bellow duster, Centrobuld duster) with a paint brush or by other suitable means, for hiding and runaway areas and other places where insects are found.When applying, the duster […]

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Mattress Encasements

Pest company professionals will tell you that if you can only afford one encasement it should be for your box spring. The underside of the box spring provides the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs. Encasing your mattress and box spring traps bed bugs inside and prevents bed bugs including newly hatched bed bugs from […]

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