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Bed Bugs Northwest

The PackTite Bed Bug Oven

Packtite_2 The PackTitle provides a fast and safe way to make sure your shoes, backpacks, books, files and album covers are bed bug free using safe heat.The Packtite Bed Bug Oven.
Possibly the most useful tool you could have to treat shoes, backpacks, books, papers, hats, coats, pillows, cushions and the list goes on. Heats your stuff to 130F to ensure all bed bugs and their eggs are dead. I still use mine occasionally for thrift store and garage sale treasures that can’t be washed.* Do not place candles, makeup, liquids or other heat sensitiveness items in the PackTite. Know that items that have glue, such as some books, may experience some damage or changes in the PackTite due to heat. You can use NoPest Strips in sealed bags for three weeks if you want to avoid heating specific objects. * I’ve updated the photo to reflect the newer model PackTite 2.


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